Elevated Sleep Explained

Innovative Elevation Motor

Most adjustable bases on the market have a head and foot motor which are only helpful when you’re awake. The advantage of our base is the addition of our patented elevation system, which includes a third motor. This patented system allows you to use the base while you are sleeping. Our elevation motor tilts the entire base so you sleep with your head higher than your feet, which provides many health benefits all night long

Health Benefits
Elevated Sleep promotes better breathing, reduces congestion, and offers a range of health benefits, including minimizing the risk of strokes and alleviating issues like headaches, migraines, snoring, and acid reflux.
Versatile Sleep Positions
Symphony's base technology caters to all sleep preferences, offering a versatile solution for back, side, and stomach sleepers.
Natural Spine Alignment
Unlike traditional adjustable bases that may bend or curve the spine, Symphony's patented design ensures a natural and comfortable alignment for optimal spinal health.
Enhanced Awake Moments
The base allows users to raise the head and foot sections for activities like watching TV, reading, or relaxing, enhancing the overall functionality of the sleep system.
Tailored to Individual Needs
Symphony's commitment to offering the right base for each sleep position ensures that stomach and side sleepers can find the perfect solution for their individual comfort and health requirements.

We’ve Got an Angle
for all Sleeping Positions

Sleeping Elevated allows you to get a better
night’s rest regardless of your sleeping
position: side, back or stomach. Our Elevation System raises your head above your feet, which provides many health benefits while you sleep

90% of people sleep on their side or stomach. Using our elevation system is the best way to sleep as it doesn’t bend your mattress or your spine.

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