Elevation Kit

Our Elevation Kit provides the health and sleep benefits of elevated sleep for any sleeping position. Having your upper body elevated keeps you from retaining gas in your stomach and helps your body digest food properly. Also, an inclined position prevents stomach contents from leaking into your esophagus and relieves heartburn caused by acid reflux. Sleeping more upright improves airflow through nasal passages.

More air with each breath improves sleep quality and reduces snoring.

Adaptable to S100N, ES200, ES500 and ES600 Frames.

  • Wireless Ergonomic Remote Control
  • 12.5° Base Tilt Max Angle
  • Quick Connect Frame-to-Frame Design
  • Independent Lift Motor
  • 600 lbs of Lifting Capacity per Side
  • Folding Frame Design Made for Quick Assembly
  • Base Leg Segments Can Be Attached to the ESELV for Height Adjustment



Twin XL




5-Year Limited Warranty

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